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Welcome to cds

Welcome to cds

Power, Performance, Innovation

A smarter approach to payroll services
  • Lower risk of payroll compliance related issues and penalties
  • Vast reductions in time, effort and money spent on payroll administration
  • No more hidden costs from PEOs which can be almost impossible to decipher on the automatic fees
  • CDS payroll solutions streamline your payroll process, improve productivity and simplify administration
  • Understanding the value and features of your benefits plan so your organization gets the most from its benefits investment.
The CDS Competitive Advantage
The CDS competitive advantage in the marketplace begins and ends with getting and keeping the right people. We believe for a business to achieve the results associated with a competitive advantage it needs the right people consistently doing the right things in the right way and for the right reasons. CDS will help your company pass the competitive advantage threshold by attracting and retaining great people. We do this by providing world class benefits and investment strategies that perpetuates success and rewards performance.

Having CDS as a strategic partner will eliminate a great deal of the risk and non-revenue generating tasks, while maximizing your investment in Employee Capital Spend. Bringing value to your Business is our bottom-line.

For a Better Way contact CDS for a Professional Solution.